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Enjoy the Flight Simulator on iMac Latest page

Xplane is a full-fledged flight simulator that runs on a Mac computer.
Here, I introduce how to enjoy Xplane. A high-performance computer is required to enjoy the flight simulator. Some people enjoy using laptop computers, but the load is a little heavy. I have a 27-inch iMac. I want to use a slightly better graphic board, but I enjoy it somehow.
Introduces various ways to enjoy, such as making scenery.

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The latest articles are listed after the table of contents.


Enjoy the Flight Simulator on iMac  first page

1.Flight simulator fun

2.Introducing Xplane org

3.Xplane support site in japan

4.Take off and landing

5.The fun of Xplane10 that is hard to throw away

6.Fly in the world sky 1  Hillary Tenzing Airport

7.Add custom scenery

8.Fly in the world sky 2  Buenos Aires

9.Fly in the world sky 3  Jurassic Park

10.Purchase add-on software

11.Flight with Fokker Dr.1

12.Catching the wind Praglider

13.Place a heliport

14.Put object

15.Blender and SketchUp

Enjoy the Flight Simulator on iMac  second page    (The English translation is still in progress)

16.Fly in the world sky  Matterhorn

17.Helicopter control
18.Explanation of terrain mesh

19.Fly in the world sky   Everest

20.Fly a passenger plane

21.Acrobatics in Zero Fighter

22.Immelman Turn ・ Barrel roll

23.Fly a passenger plane  part2

24.Fly Cessna  part1

25.Fly Cessna part2

26.Airplanes appearling in books and movies part1

27.Airplanes appearling in books and movies part2

28.Fly with a glider

29.Xplane scenery making course for beginners

Enjoy the Flight Simulator on iMac third page

30.Build  a secret base "kurenainoButa" anime by Mr.Hayao Miyazaki

31.Make a labyrinth

32.Make a carrier in the sky


34.japan yugeshima scenery update

Enjoy the Flight Simulator on iMac  4th page (The English translation is still in progress)

35.Airports that are difficult to take off and land in the world

36.Enjoy the mountains with the flight simulator

Enjoy the Flight Simulator on iMac  5th page(The English translation is still in progress)

37.Green love letter in japan

38.Airplanes appearing in books and movies Sikorsky UH-60 Blackhawk

39.Build a Lake Hibara Campsite  part1

40.Build a Lake Hibara Campsite  part2  Shower house

41.Build a Lake Hibara Campsite  part3  Make the road

42.Build a Lake Hibara Campsite  part4  Make a hotel

43.Build a Lake Hibara Campsite  part5 Difference of mesh

44.Build a Lake Hibara Campsite  part6 Make people

Enjoy the Flight Simulator on iMac 6th page(The English translation is still in progress)


55.Blender character development (always updated)

I started making people in Blender in earnest. The stumbling block unique to a beginner often occurs. It feels like moving forward while clearing it.

 If you write this process on your homepage, it will be huge by itself.

Therefore, this 55th page will always be updated with the contents of the recent personality creation.

We did trial and error how to make the head. The hint is that I made a cherry tree, and it is deformed based on UV spheres. Avoid increasing the number of meridians and parallels. Starting with 9 meridians and 6 parallels, "loop cut and slide" increased the number of parallels and meridians around the nose.

After that, I make a point selection and move it with the G key to make the angle of the nose and eyes.

Blender will operate faster if you learn shortcut keys.

In particular, I frequently use the E key to create new lines and faces and the G key to extend points and sides.
When extending a point or line, it may be in an unexpected direction if you pull it appropriately with the mouse. For this reason, it is less likely that the direction is determined by pressing one of the XYZ coordinate keys after pressing the E key or G key.

 When I first made a fisherman, I extended the torso from the head like this.

 In order to develop UV, it seems necessary to attach seams well.


I am not using the English version of Blender. For information on how to use Blender, please refer to the description of the person using the English version.


After coloring the UV developed PNG file with paint software, do the work of pasting it. At that time, three steps are required.

First, create a layer for Xplane from the scene screen. All you have to do is name Layer1 and choose Scenery Object.

Next, give the material name on the material screen.

After that, press the New button on the texture and open the PNG file created with "Open".

If you switch from the editing screen to the texture painting screen, it should be displayed.

This is a person standing using the same head as the sitting figure.

The first sitting image may have a wrong texture. The statue does not have it, but it does not show the prevention collar that should have been made. I'll find out why now.

54.Make a cherry tree

 I am making a person object with software called Blender. I use sketch-up software for scenery, and I rarely use Blender.

 Blender is an excellent software.

If you search for "Blender"in japan, you will see many pages about making"Anime" girl's figures. You can see that pretty advanced 3D graphics can be drawn.

But I don't want to make such a person. I want to make a person fishing at the fishing port of Hashirishima in japan.

 It's a square person, but it was a difficult task for me.

In the future, there is work to draw faces and color clothes.

Such coloring is called texture creation, but in order to do so, it is necessary to copy a three-dimensional 3D image on a two-dimensional plane like a development. This is called "Uvmap".

At that time, I found an introductory article on a Japanese website that put cherry trees in full bloom in a scenery.
I thought cherry trees were just right for practicing Uvmap.


With such a solid, it can be easily created with Blender. Add a line like a stuffed seam to this solid called "seam". Without a seam, a beautiful development cannot be made.

 After attaching the seam, divide the screen into two parts and use it as a UV editor screen and deploy it there. I wrote briefly, but how to divide the screen into two, how to bring out the screen of the UV editor, how to display the development view from the 3D on the right side, etc. Hmm. I was able to do it for about half a day.

 This homepage is not a description page of Blender. If you try to explain this, it will be many pages. I'm sorry, but please search another homepage for the procedure. There is a detailed commentary on the woman making and character making pages mentioned earlier in japan.

 I can only say this. It's better to search for the method on other pages while creating what you want to make. You can keep your motivation if you want to make it.

I planted the cherry tree object I made in a campsite on the shore of Lake Hibara in japan.
It looks like a candy or mushrooms.
After that, I made some kinds of cherry trees, but it seems like a mistake to make a three-dimensional cherry tree based on the sphere.

 This cherry tree is the one I planted in Musashino Park in japan with an object given by a person named Edo goma at Xplane japan BBS. 

 This cherry tree is made of a plane based on the photo. Things that change direction little by little are dense, so it looks natural even on a flat surface.

 The cherry blossoms of the railroad track seen in the back are made by combining two planes. This clearly shows the difference in color depth depending on the angle, so you can see that the two are combined. However, most of the flight sim trees are these.

 Making it too fine can put a heavy burden on the PC, slow down the frame rate, and make it impossible for the plane to fly smoothly. Therefore, it is better to reduce the number of faces.

There is a Seibu line train in the distance, this is an object I made.
 [The Seibu Line is one of the major railways in Tokyo.]
In the flight sim, American diesel locomotives are pulling freight trains even on the Seibu line. Then I made it in a hurry because it doesn't fit the view of Musashino Park.


 The train looks at first glance, but I just put a picture of Seibu Railway on the net in a rectangular parallelepiped. There are no irregularities such as windows. But if you're not approaching, this is enough.

 I also made a fresh green willow in the distance.

I created a .for file for willows.

This is based on Mr.Edo's cherry tree data.

There was .for data in the cherry data.

A forest file is a file in which trees are planted in the area specified in the area, unlike object data of a single cherry tree.

Data volume is small for many trees.

How to make a .for file is on web. However, there are no Japanese pages, only English pages.

53.Ryugu Castle

 I wrote a little while ago that the trias bike made by jpb63 could go underwater.

I tried to make underwater scenery.
Ryugu Castle is a palace in the sea that appears in Japanese folk tales for children.

I made a slope going into the sea.

By setting the depth so that the building is completely submerged and making a gentle slope, it will extend to about 200m offshore.

The setting is that there is a red palace at the end of the gentle slope. You won't feel underwater unless you surround it with walls

It is a simple building with a roof on a rectangular parallelepiped.

No entrance to the palace.
 I made it to test what it looks like.

It seems that only a trial bike can enter the water.

The sports car cobla made by Mr.Jpb63 floats on the water.

Helicopters and airplanes can float for a while, but crash.

52.Hashirishima Aquarium at night

The jellyfish room at the Enoshima Aquarium in japan is darkened.

Lighting was effective.

I think the aquarium at night is attractive.

So, I wanted to make the aquarium look attractive even at night.

The key to that is lighting.

Copy the same file as for daytime, process it for nighttime, and give it a file name of 〇〇_LIT.png, the texture will be used at night.

When you make a file for night use, the part you want to darken at night is reduced in brightness, and the one you want to brighten is not changed or the color tone is changed slightly.

It is important to keep in mind that even the same white color should be used indoors and outside. For night use, the outer wall has reduced brightness, but the same texture cannot be used in the room because we want to keep the brightness bright.


The first file is for daytime and the second file is for nighttime.

The lighting is not due to the lighting. This is because we have created a texture file to keep the brightness even at night.
The incoming motorcycle has a black silhouette without being illuminated by lighting.

 Now, the problem has not been solved for interior lighting.

LIGHT_NAMED A light called amb_street_light is used by pasting it on the ceiling with a text tool.

This light can be warm tones, but the light will be visible through the ceiling.

The ceiling is doubled, but it looks slightly transparent like the photo.

I want to hang the lighting fixture from the ceiling.

51.Construction of Hashirishima Aquarium

 I wanted to create a facility with a room under the water.

There was a place on the other side of the runway opposite the fishing port where a flat area could be made, so I decided to build an aquarium there.

I wanted to create a room where you can feel the surface of the water from below, like The Swimming Pool  by Leandro Erlich at the Kanazawa Art Museum.

There are so many pictures I took at the aquarium that I can use.

Even inside a building, a blue sea surface appears at sea level. But you can get in with a motorcycle.

A room made under the sea. On the ceiling, a texture with thin ripples was pasted on transparent paper. This gives you the feeling of being underwater.

Inside the private room of the toilet is not visible through the window. However, I made it in a simple form.

Chaise lounges are visible through the window. There is no end to making it finely, but I wanted to give it a rounded feeling, so I cut some faces in the corners.

50.What is under the sea of Xplane

I came up with it while making a ship, but I wondered if I could make a transparent boat and see the sea.

The result was no good. Even though there is no hole in the ship, the sea surface can be formed inside the boat.

There is a slope in the fishing port where the seaplane can climb.

I tried to extend that slope. Then we got off the bike. The bike was submerged, but was able to dive into the water without crashing.

However, there is nothing like the surface of the water when looking up. This does not make you feel in the water.

Climbing down this slope with a helicopter will crash after the message "Anchor has been placed". It seems that you cannot go below sea level by airplane or helicopter.


49.Trial version of Hashishima Air Base has been updated. February 21

 Hashirishima is an island in Hiroshima Prefecture in japan.

The population seems to be about 500, but it seems that the population is aging and the population is decreasing.

This is the island I found in the Seto Inland Sea, looking for a place where Cessna could get off. Since it is unlikely that an airfield could be created with the same terrain, we filled the valley to create a fictitious airfield.


 The airfield created on the Hashishima Island in the Seto Inland Sea is now available, so we will upload data here.

 The runway data for Ibukishima will be updated, so it is interesting to fly between Ibukishima and Hashishima in Cessna.

 If you have installed the Labyrinth of Yugeshima and the aircraft carrier, you can enjoy flying with it.

 There are no airfields on Hashirishima and Ibukishima in japan. It is a totally fictitious airfield.

February 16: For Hashirijima, reworking will be planned in the future, such as placing fishermen at the fishing port, changing to a tunnel that can pass through the dummy tunnel on the way from the fishing port to the runway, and recreating the texture. is. Also, there are airport lights that are not suitable for local airports, so we are going to improve this area.

February 17: Updated immediately. The approach light has been removed and the airport lighthouse and windlight have been installed.

February 19: An airfield office with a hangar on the first floor was created.

In addition, the inside of the tunnel was illuminated by making it possible to pass through the dummy tunnel to the fishing port.

February 21: Scenery with fishery processing center.

There are still many things missing, such as embankments and piles connecting ships.


2月21日にアップデートしたファイルです。圧縮ファイルを解凍してできたフォルダをCustom Sceneryフォルダへ入れてください。古いバージョンのものは削除してください。
The_Handy_Objects_Library とMisterX_LibraryとLibrary - My_Libraryが必要です。
japan hashirijima1.3.zip
zip ( 圧縮 ) ファイル 11.3 MB







圧縮ファイルを解凍したものをCustom Sceneryフォルダに入れてください。空港IDはXIBUです。
japan ibukijima.zip
zip ( 圧縮 ) ファイル 5.3 KB

 I flew from the pier of Yuge Island to the fishing port of Hashishima by Cessna seaplane. I made a diagonal slope at the fishing port, so I can land by seaplane. The video is less than 3 minutes.

48.Make night lights on the runway of Hashirishima

I made a runway on Ibuki Island, but it had a flat peak, so I just installed an airport at WED.

The WED setting makes it easy to light up the runway at night.

However, Hashirijima builds a runway on top of the original terrain with objects of the terrain I created.

Otherwise a flat runway could not be set up in the valley.

In this case, even if you check the night light item of the airport in WED, the lighting will be turned on under the covered terrain.

So I started trial and error.

 At the end of the "Xplane scenery making course for beginners" on this website, there is a little introduction to the installation of lighting.

This is a way to write parameters for lighting the sketch up text tool.

However, I haven't mastered this method, and the introduction is halfway.

This time, I decided to light the lights on both sides of the runway using this parameter.

I tried variously, but it didn't work effectively.

At that time, someone told me at the Xplane Flight Simulator BBS in Japan that there were a variety of airport lighting facilities in the WED library.

 There was a lighting fixture in the library like the one in the preview screen.

I would like to say that if you place this with WED, it will not go.

If you just place it with WED, it will be placed on the original ground below the ground I made.

Therefore, it is necessary to set MSL, an altitude above sea level, so that the lighting fixtures appear on the side of the runway built on the covered ground.

For this reason, it was necessary to check and set the altitude of each equipment to be installed.

 Looking at the altitude above sea level, I noticed that some of them were installed on the runway, and some were floating in the air and glowing like stars.

I decided to determine the altitude by looking at the terrain created by Sketchup from the side.

For fine-tuning, I ran the bike on the runway to see if the lighting fixtures were buried in the ground or floating in the air. And we did some tweaking.

 There are still some tweaks and lighting of the helipad at the back, but we can now fly at night. The Seto Inland Sea in the evening is beautiful. 

47.Build a fishing port and fishing boat

 There seems to have originally been a fishing port on the sea side of the runway built on Hashirijima. I destroyed it and made a fishing port elsewhere on the coast.

Because it is a fishing port, it is unnatural without a boat.

At first, I used MisterX's fishing boat object.

However, because this is a foreign trawler, I wanted a Japanese white hull.

Unfortunately, no one seems to be making it. So I decided to make it myself.

  The fishing port has decided to create a levee on the west side of the runway, inside it.

Trawling boats are quite large. 

 It is a small fishing boat about 12m in length.

Because it is the Seto Inland Sea, I thought if I could catch the sea bream with this.

Do you know "Iroha Maru"?

Right now, I was reading 『Ryota ga yuku』Author: Ryotaro Shiba , so I chose this name.

Ryoma Sakamoto's "Iroha Maru" is hit by a large ship from the Kishu Domain and sinks. However, Ryoma fought against the Kishu clan and won reparations based on international law.


46.Build an airport to Hashirijima: plant grass

 I created a terrain object in the valley, set in a sloping plain, and built a runway on it.

Except for the runway, it has a grassy texture.

However, the border with the original terrain is unnatural.

I wanted to give it a little more natural feel, so I wanted to plant grass at the border of the terrain.

This has not been easy.

Initially, I tried to use grass objects created by others.

Since there is a grass object in My-scenery etc., I placed it with WED, but the grass did not grow for some reason

There is a hollow underneath the flat ground object with the runway, so I wondered if there was grass there, but it doesn't seem to be the case.

 I tried to grow grass directly on the ground where the runway is, but that didn't work. 

I understand why grass is not displayed.

If it was flat, it would have been displayed.

Because of the slope, only part of the grass appeared on the surface.

Grass objects are now displayed when tilted to match the terrain slope.

Incline is complicated. Tilt forward and climb further back.

 I was able to grow grass.

However, the plane stopped moving smoothly. A lot of polygon data may have increased the burden on personal computers.

Eventually I decided to remove this grass.

45.Make an airport to Hashishima

The Hibara Lake campground is currently being practiced for making people with blenders, so it has been suspended for a while.

Instead, we are building an airport where Cessna can take off and land on the island of Seto Inland Sea.

 Hashirishima is an island in Hiroshima Prefecture that is located east of Yuge Island, where there is a huge labyrinth I made in the Seto Inland Sea. The population seems to be about 500 people.

This island has a valley in the center and roads. If it is a valley with this road, it seems that a runway can be made.

 As a test, I made a forced landing on a road in the valley in Cessna. There was a slope, but we managed to land.

I used the WED's Exclusion tool to remove trees and place a grassland runway. I can use it, but the runway is wavy. And this is a bit short.

With WED, airports can be flattened, but if you check that item and flatten it, the mountain will be cut down and a considerable area will be flattened. The shape of the island of Hashirishima changes.

Therefore, I thought about making the ground with the runway in sketch-up and putting it on the wavy terrain.


 I put the ground made for trial, but it is floating.

 Made several sketch-up modifications to the shape of the ground to match the original terrain.

It is still necessary to rework the coast and mountains in the foreground.

The original runway made with WED is directly below this ground. The runway drawn on the object's ground is just above it.

The ground with the runway is set to Hard Deck for Xplane by sketching up.

  A huge labyrinth off Yuge Island can be seen from the sky above the island.

I can now go back and forth between the airfield of Hashirishima and the airbone aircraft carrier in front of the giant labyrinth.


This is a labyrinth and a airbone aircraft carrier that I consider masterpieces.

There is an introduction page at the 31st and 32nd. 

The video below is from my own secret base through the labyrinth to the pier on Yuge Island.
Music is Irish music that I play for my hobby.