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There are lots of photos, but if you don't see them, please reload this page.

 These are all screenshots of my computer iMac screen. This is the screen when flying from Haneda Airport to Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport using Xplane11 flight simulator software. You can enjoy flying a virtual world in such a realistic screen.

 I am constantly discovering new things about flight simulators using Xplane11, so I will keep updating this page from time to time to share new information.


The reason for "iMac ..." is because I am not familiar with Windows software.


 The content is steadily increasing. It takes time to look from the beginning, so we can move to the item you want to see. Occasionally, the new image doesn't seem to be displayed, but it appears when you reload the page.

11.Triplane  FokkerDr-1 flight        May 4, 2018

10.Purchase paid add-on software    May 1, 2018

9.Fly in the world sky. Part 3        April 23, 2018

8.Fly in the world sky, part 2       April 19, 2018

7.Add custom scenery                   April 19, 2018

6.Fly in the world sky                   April 15, 2018

5.Pleasure unique to Xplane10      April 13, 2018

4.Takeoff and landing                                April 11, 2018

3.Xplane support site in Japan      April 6, 2018

1.Introduction of Flight Simulator

 Flight Simulator is a virtual fun way to fly an airplane. Some of them have strong gameplay, but Xplane is a software that aims to control a realistic airplane.

 Xplane11, which has been upgraded for a long time, was released last year.

 I've always been a Mac user and only work on Apple computers. Microsoft's Ms flight simulator used to be for the Mac.

 In Japan, many people use FSX software, but this is for Windows.

Xplane is the only flight simulator for Mac.

 There are other games with strong game-like elements, but Xplane is outstanding in that you can experience the control as close as possible to the actual aircraft.

 However, I cannot fly a real airplane.




Xplane11 was released in 2017.

I purchased 11 in February of this year instead of the previous xplane10. 8498 yen.


There are 9 DVD discs and it took about 4 hours to install them all.


 The difference between versions 10 and 11 is significant. It is more realistic.


 I had a sightseeing flight sitting in the co-pilot of Cessna, but I thought it was quite close to the scene I saw at that time. If you experience 11, you cannot return to 10.




Set for enjoying the flight simulator

 The flight simulator can only be enjoyed with a high-performance personal computer.
 This is especially true for Xplane11.

 There are various types of Windows PCs, from cheap to expensive. The flight simulator will not run smoothly unless it is a computer with high processing speed and high graphic performance, so you need to select a high rank computer.

 Refer to the required specifications (performance) of the PC on the back of the Xplane 11 manual or package.

 In the case of iMac, it has high graphics performance so that it can edit movies. However, since the processing speed of 11 is written as 3 GHz (gigahertz) or more, if you have a 21.5 inch size iMac, you will choose the higher model of the two types.

 My iMac is 27 inches, 3.3GHz. There is 24GB of memory. I wanted to increase it to 32GB if possible.

 Also, recent iMacs do not have a CD or DVD slot, so I purchased an external DVD / Blu-ray drive when I bought my iMac. I used this for installation.

 It is good if the screen is 27 inches. The controller in the foreground is called a joystick. There is a lever in addition to the stick, but this lever becomes the throttle, and the ladder that controls the direction with the button on the lever is operated. The price is about 10,000 yen. * I checked later and found that it is now more than 20,000 yen. It seems that you can buy it for less than 10,000 yen if you have no lever and only a joystick.

  It seems that some people use an airplane control handle and a rudder pedal operated by foot.

2.Introducing xplane org

 The appeal of Xplane is that there are many volunteers supporting this software. Aircraft data and data on airports and other scenery called scenery are sold for a fee, but a lot of data is provided free of charge by volunteers.


 You do not need to register for this org just to see it, but you do need to register to download data. Just register your email address, you can register for free.
The registration has never caused any trouble.

 At first you may just look at it. You can see how various data is provided.

However, there is still little data for Xplane11. Most of the data, such as aircraft data, are data that paint the default aircraft that was originally attached to the purchased Xplane 11 in a new pattern.

 For small aircraft, there are also data for the entire aircraft, but there are many that were originally modified for Xplane 10 but modified to work with 11.

 And some have bugs in the program called bugs. However, the volunteers provide them free of charge through trial and error, so I must be good.

Because it is essentially a give-and-take world, it is better to provide information and data that you can provide. At the very least, it would be better to write a comment about the data that was downloaded and used, but I haven't done that yet.

All screens and sentences are in English.

Comments are often written about the data that causes a problem, and sometimes it can be solved by referring to the comment.

3.Xplane support site in Japan

The Xplane forum is in English, so you can study English, but if I have any questions, I would be grateful if there is an Xplane related site in Japanese.


 My site is interesting to Xplanes, but I don't know enough to elaborate. So, I will introduce the site that I rely on, so take a look at that too.

 In the past, there should have been more, but after a long time access it was no longer connected. I will introduce only what I know now.


・X-Plane Japan BBS


 This site is a bulletin board about Xplane. The following people are also regulars.


・フライトシミュレーター の世界


This is a blog about the flight simulator opened by Naoya Fujiwara.

 It is very easy to understand with commentary centering on images. Regarding the input of the flight plan of the passenger aircraft and the autopilot, I referred to this site a lot.


・Project1/200X-Spirit of Fryingtaki


Fryingtakuwan's site.
This site is full of unique ideas. Interesting.


・KAZ Nakata さんの富士山静岡空港


 I don't seem to have a home page about Xplane. However, data such as airports that we have created are posted on the Xplane forum. Mt. Fuji at the top of this page is a real Mt. Fuji with the data created by this person installed. The default Mt. Fuji is not like Mt. Fuji.
  About Mt. Fuji Shizuoka Airport, it seems to be made in cooperation with edogoma. Recently (July 2018) Horai Bridge made by edogoma has been uploaded to the file of this airport.

・Study abroad and airplane study site from a former flight instructor


 Former US flight instructor Hiroshi Ueda's site. Not an Xplane site. A very detailed site about flying a real airplane. The contents are extremely dark.

4.Takeoff and landing

 The most dangerous thing in flying an airplane is taking off and landing, and it is said that 3 minutes of takeoff and 8 minutes to landing are 11 minutes of magic. Although it is easy to fail in a flight simulator, landing in a flight simulator is more difficult.

 However, looking at web articles, many pilots say that takeoff is more nervous.

 Indeed, at takeoff, there is plenty of fuel, and even if something goes wrong, the chances of giving up are limited, and if you exceed the takeoff decision speed called V1, you must take off anyway.

 In the case of a flight simulator, you can program the trouble at takeoff, but you can usually take off by pulling the control stick at a certain speed when you are at ease.
 As a pilot's words, I found on the net the words "Tension is takeoff, technically difficult is landing".

 It is takeoff from Chofu Airfield by Cessna 172. In the case of Cessna, you can take off at 50-60 knots (around 100 km / h). No flaps are used during takeoff. In the case of the B737, the speed is very different because it takes out around 160 knots (around 300 km / h) at takeoff. This video was taken when the flight was saved and played back instead of switching the screen while maneuvering. I can't afford to take off while switching screens like this. And since I have a plug-in software called FlyWithLua, the screen feeling in the cockpit is slightly different from the default one.

 For landing, when you select the airport, press the "Customize" button and this screen will appear. You can practice landing by choosing the 3 or 10 mile approach.

 This is the landing of Haneda Airport by B737. This is also a photo of a flight saved and played back. I'm so poor at maneuvering that I'll get a lot of complaints if there are passengers on board.

 Xplane allows you to practice landing at 3 and 10 miles before the runway. This is the landing from 3 miles before.
 It is surprisingly difficult to get straight into the runway. The gear was down immediately because it was 3 miles before. The flap was in 10 from the beginning, but since it was a landing, I lowered it to 25 after gear down.
 Immediately after landing, the keyboard is operated for reverse injection.
 I can't fly straight. If you can do it in a crosswind setting, you may not be able to get on the runway. I am still this skill.

5.The fun of Xplane10 that is hard to throw away

 I wrote to the beginning that "If you experience Xplane 11, you can not return to 10."

That is, 11 is still evolving, and there are things that 10 can do and 11 cannot.

 One is flying with fighters. When you fly with a fighter, you can fire bullets, but your opponent's plane doesn't fire. You can easily shoot down.

 In the case of 10, it is shot and crashed if it is careless. Originally, Xplane is not a fighting game software, so this is fine, but I expect that somebody will create an AI machine that can compete against it soon.

 Secondly, the unique vehicle that was at 10 is not yet compatible with 11.


 These may be foul tricks as a flight simulator. However, there is a wide sea around the land. It would be interesting if there was a ship that could control this freely. However, the scenery on land is not well-developed in all places, so it is less realistic than the scenery seen from above.

 The motorboat was created by a user named XPFR, and the Queen Mary II was created by a person named skycycle. Both work only on Xplane10.

 Queen Mary can also sound the whistle. And there is only a large hull, and it cannot stop as quickly as the real thing.


 Here are sports cars and trial bikes. Both are made for Xplane10, but they work on 11. However, sports cars have black windows and look like sunglasses. It was created by jpb63. I am in the download genre called Ground Vehicles in the forum.

 Using these, we ran from Chofu Airport to Tokyo. However, I managed to get out of Chofu Airfield, but for now, I ran on the Touhachi Road toward Mitaka and crossed Nogawa river by a bridge.

 It seems that there is a big step at the intersection, and it crashes. Houses and trees can penetrate, but steps and rivers cannot.

 I gave up heading for Mitaka and ran to Musashi Koganei on a motorcycle. However, the bridge over the river on the way was too thin and fell off the bridge and crashed. After a crash, you will return to the airport and try again.


 The unnaturalness is not noticeable when viewing the ground from a high sky, but it is noticeable when running on the ground. The road seems to be made from an actual map, but the width of the road is moderate. There are various cars running on the road, but it is on the right. I laugh at a large diesel locomotive in the United States running on the Seibu line.

 Today, on April 14, I managed to get on my bike from Chofu Airfield to my home in Suginami Ward. Anyway, crossing the river is the neck. It failed because I crossed the bridge last time, so I went a little closer to Kokubunji, and when I approached the river I found a place that I could cross without crossing the bridge.

 In fact, this time, before moving the bike, I flew low with a helicopter to get an idea of where I could cross the river.

 It is a steep climb up to Musashi Koganei Station. I passed through the elevated Chuo line where the American-style limited express trains came and went and arrived at the north exit. I headed east on a road that seems to be the Itsukaichi street. I wish I could take a photo, but it was a wide American-style Itskaichi street.

 The Chuo Line descends from the overpass at Mitaka, Ogikubo and Nakano to the ground. With that as a landmark, I gave a hint of my home position.

 At last I got to where I thought my place would be. It was a vacant lot. However, anyway, the width of the road, the location of the alley, etc. is the actual one, so I knew it was here.

 If you want real images, Google Maps is fine. Before going to a land we don't know, we've done some research on Google Maps. Moving on the ground with a flight simulator is like moving around in a toy town. So you can enjoy it without being so realistic.


6.Fly in the world sky 1

 The fun part of the flight simulator is that it can fly in the sky around the world.
I will introduce some here.

 The first is Everest, the highest mountain in the world.

 If you look at the "fun" on my homepage, there is also a section on mountains. In fact, I also like mountain walking. However, I have never been to mountains abroad.

 I don't seem to be able to go, so I decided to go with the flight simulator first.

You fly off from Hillary Tenzin Airport (formerly Lukla Airport) in the town of Lukla. This airport is located on a mountain slope. The runway is also not level but leaning towards the valley. Since it is a short runway, this slope is more difficult.

 I copy the scenery of the airport created by a person named nikster for Xplane10 to 11 as it is.
 First of all, please take a look at the photo taking off from Hillary Tenjin Airport.

 The plane is a Pilatus PC-6. The aircraft can take off and land on short runways and is suitable for mountain flight. Take off from Hillary Tenzing Airport, turn to the far right of the valley, and keep climbing.

 However, as a matter of fact, you can head with this aircraft halfway, but as you increase the altitude, the screen in front of you gradually becomes dark as if you lose consciousness, and finally it becomes black and steer Can no longer be done.

 Probably because it is not an airtight type airplane, the setting of the simulation is such that at a certain altitude, it will behave consciously due to lack of oxygen. If you cancel that setting, you can fly.

 Actual PilatusPC-6 seems to fly 8000m. Of course in that case the pilot would wear an oxygen mask.

 That's why I made my flight to Everest a private jet. Simulator Everest is not real with a creeping ridgeline when approaching. However, it looks like this at this distance.

 It's disappointingly different from a mountain lover. The glacier is completely useless. However, you can enjoy it if you add imagination.


 Later, I purchased a paid scenery Everest Park. This is great.


7.Add custom scenery

  Xplaneをインストールした時に最初からあるシーナリーや機体はデフォルト(初期設定)のものですが、それでは物足りなくなります。その時は、Xplaneフォーラムにアップされているデータをダウンロードして使うようにします。空港や街並みなどはシーナリーと呼びますが、デフォルトのものと区別するために、Custom Sceneryというフォルダに入れるようにします。


 富士山ですが、最初のものがデフォルトのもので、後のものは、KAZ Nakataさんが作られたものです。やはり富士山はこうでなくてはいけません。作ってくださったKAZ Nakataさんに感謝です。




Requires the following filesということは、次のファイルを必要としていますということです。これらのファイルを一つずつ全部手に入れてカスタムシーナリーフォルダにインストールする必要があるのです。このアンダーラインのページへ行けば、これらがアップされているので、手に入れることができるのです。




ブエノスアイレスの国際線空港は、ミニストロ ピスタリーニ空港(通称 エセイサ国際空港)です。街から40㎞ほど離れた郊外にあります。空港と街を結ぶ鉄道は無く、バスかタクシーを利用するようです。私は、その国際空港からセスナを飛ばしました。遠くにブエノスアイレスの中心部が見えてきました。







9.世界の空を飛ぶ3 ジュラシックパーク



 XPlane用のジュラシックパークを作った人は、Scottish Wingsというスコットランドの人で、スコットランドの島を舞台として設定してあります。単独の島というよりも大きな島の一部をジュラシックパークとして作ってあります。








これらのシーナリーを作るには、かなりの時間がかかっていると思います。提供してくれたScottish Wingsさんに感謝です。この方は、他にもたくさんシーナリーを作っている人なので驚きです。


 アドオンと呼ばれる追加の有料ソフトには機体やユーティリティソフトなどがあります。Xplaneフフォーラムのorg storeと呼ばれるページに行くと色々あります。欲しくなる機体などもありますが、自制しないとキリがありません。


 その後購入したのは、藤原さんの「フライトシミュレーターの世界」に紹介されていた、XPRealisticProとTerraMaxx、それから映画「BlueMax」に刺激を受けて購入したFokker Dr1という三葉機です。











 もう一つFokker Dr-1という三葉機ですが、これは苦戦しています。今のところ普通の滑走路からは飛び立てません。草地でないと操縦不能になり、前につんのめって大破します。これも別の機会に紹介することにします。

11.三葉機 Fokker Dr-1での飛行

 私の使うFokker Dr-1は、有料のアドオン機体です。19ドル95セントしました。さすが有料の機体だけあって、細かく作り込まれています。しかし、操縦はかなり難しいです。実物も本当にこんなだったのだろうかと思ってしまいます。とにかく、普通の滑走路からは離陸できません。すぐに前のめりにひっくり返ってしまいます。草地ならなんとか滑走できます。今のところ、草地からの離陸と着陸しかできていません。

















 今回は、そんな王道からまた外れたフライトシミュレーター の楽しみ方の紹介です。

 「風をつかむ。パラグライダー」とタイトルをつけましたが、Xplane11には、ASK21というグライダー機体があります。セスナで牽引して、上空で切り離して飛行するのです。グライダーの世界は「Sim Soaring」というページを見つけましたが、これもなかなか奥が深いようです。











 筑波山から無事降り立ったところです。このパラグライダーは本当によくできています。人物は、ちゃんと歩きます。 ブレーキボタンを最後に押すとパラグライダーを外して立ちます。ただ、操作していてアレっと思ったのは、機体が後方へ飛んで行くことがあることです。マップで操作し、何回かトライしているうちに起きます。パラグライダーの操縦士が身につけているメーターの速度計がマイナスになっており、マップ上のピッチもマイナス数字になっています。マップ上のピッチをプラス数字になるよう操作すると治るようです。



 Xplaneをインストールすると、wedとOverlayEditorとPlane Makerといったツールもインストールされます。これらは、シーナリーや機体の製作に使うソフトです。このコーナーを書き始めた時には、これらのソフトはよほど詳しい人以外関係ないものだと思っていました。シーナリー作りなどは、プログラミングなどに詳しい人に任せておけば良いと思っていました。












2.X-Plane11→Custom Sceneryと開き、Custom Sceneryのフォルダの中に、作りたいシーナリーのパック名をつけたフォルダを作っておきます。wedのNEWボタンを押してもUntitledというフォルダができますから、その名前を書き直しても良いです。

3. 私は、「tsukubapala」という名前をつけました。名前をつけたフォルダを作っておけば、wedを立ち上げた時、Openボタンを押せばwedの操作画面が出てきます。

4.操作画面が出たら最初に行うのは、Airportのプルダウンメニューを出し、Create Airportを選ぶことです。するとunnamede entityという項目ができます。ここをエアポートの名前にします。私はtskplaとしました。エアポートのTypeはHeliportです。AirportIDは空欄でも良いです。あとで空港名あるいはIDでこの空港を検索することになります。



 Surfaceは草地 Grassにしましたが、アスファルトなども選べます。



6.最後に、File→Saveと押して保存し、次にExport Apt dat…を押してこのデータに名前をつけて最初に作ったフォルダにxplaneが読み取るファイルを作ります。同じようにExport Scenary packのボタンも押しておきます。























 Blender用はXplane2Blender   Sketchup用は SketchUp2Xplaneというもので、どちらもXplaneのフォーラムにアップされています。

 Blenderというソフトは、3DCGだけでなくアニメーションの機能も充実しているようです。かなり高機能なソフトですが、無料で提供されています。オランダで開発されたソフトです。開発やその後のいきさつなど、 ウィキで調べると興味深いです。





 田無のガスタンクを作る時に、球体を作るにはブレンダーが便利なので使いましたが、表面の色はスケッチアップ を使って着色しました。











 ・SketchUppro  有料版です。約10万円程します。この30日間無料版があり、これを最初使いましたが、後で困ったことになりました。

 ・SketchUp web版








  私もかなり試行錯誤をして使えるようになりました。その助けになったのは、このコーナーの最初の方、3番目にある日本の支援サイトです。X-Plane Japan BBSでシーナリーづくりの先輩の方々に随分と教えていただきました。





       64x64, 128x1128 , 256x256,  512x512,  1024x1024,   2048x2048 , 4096x4096 などですが、正方形でなくても大丈夫です。




 もし、この記事を読まれて、シーナリー作りをされ、困ったことが出てきたら、X-Plane Japan  BBSに書き込みをしてください。私で答えられることはできるだけ丁寧にお答えするようにします。